Your Man Says He’s Not in Love With You Anymore – Expert Advice to Help Save the Relationship

Your man says he’s not in love with you anymore. You can barely contain the sadness and emptiness that you feel. You’re questioning everything about the relationship you two shared and when and where things fell apart. You hate that he doesn’t feel as close to you as he once did and you’d do anything to change it. You’re probably wondering whether or not that’s even possible given the fact that he’s made it clear to you that his adoration is now a thing of the past. Relationships sometimes go through difficult patches and that’s how you need to view this. Don’t give up completely on him just yet. You can get him back in love with you but it’s definitely going to take effort and patience on your part.

If your man says he’s not in love with you the way he used to be, try your best not to jump headfirst into desperation. It’s going to be hard given the fact that he’s essentially telling you that the emotional connection he once felt for you has all but vanished. This happens in relationships sometimes though and it can be corrected. If you get too upset, he’ll see the dramatic and unstable side of you and it will cause him to feel even more distance than he already is. Before you react, take a step back and take a day or two to think things through. If you’ve already gotten overly upset with him, try your best to not do that again. Containing your emotions right now is critical in your plan to get him to want you back again.

Talk to him when you do feel strong and balanced. Do your best to get him to open up about what changed for him. Sometimes a man will feel as though he’s fallen out of love because of a fight the couple has been embroiled in. Other times, it’s about the fact that he feels that the dynamic of the relationship has shifted to a place of friendship instead of romance. If he’s willing to talk about what he’s feeling, you must be open to listening to him. Take what he says and learn from it.

You also must be willing to give him some time to sort through what he’s feeling. Your broken relationship is going to take time to mend. You can’t get him back in love with you today or tomorrow. You must view this as a process and one that will happen on its own time schedule. Just make sure he understands that you’re there for him whenever he needs you and allow him the chance to spend time on his own. Solitude has a way of helping us see what’s really important in our lives and it can help your boyfriend see just how much you mean to him.

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