Getting People to Like You: How to Be Funny

Being funny isn’t that easy, but no one can argue that tips on the subject can’t make it easier. As more and more people realize the importance of being witty, the internet is becoming more and more flooded with tips and tricks on how to get people to like you.

So now you have to ask yourself a basic question: why do they like funny people? Sometimes a witty person doesn’t even know he’s witty, just like other people don’t know some things about themselves. This makes it even harder to know how to be funny. And now you are left with these tips on how to become a funny man.

For starters, advice is of no use if you don’t believe you’re funny. Happiness is a state of mind. From your personal happiness, choose the things that actually make you laugh and work on that. You are actually naturally funny at some point in your life. Children around the age of five naturally express humor through jokes and laughing at themselves. Your funny bone grows with you; you just have to find it again.

Next, jokes. A joke delivered very cleverly could mean anything from nothing to everything. Some jokes were actually a turning point in someone’s life. Preparation, practice and perfect timing are the recipe for the perfect joke. However, don’t stress over a wasted, unsmiling joke. Try to recover and forgive yourself, and do better next time.

Always remember that being funny means having the right words in the right place at the right time. And since funny is, like many other words, subjective, you have to learn what a person or your audience generally finds funny. Fortunately, people laugh more often when they are with others, and laughing is contagious.

People will like you if you are honest with them, so you need to do everything you can to act as naturally as possible. A smile is a wonderful thing. It doesn’t mean anything special, but it means everything the same. You can’t seriously be funny the way you want to be if your face is in a perpetual scowl. But don’t forget to wait for a reason to smile. You can’t honestly expect people not to go crazy if you smile every five seconds for no apparent reason.

And finally, you should focus on the benefits of being witty. Not only will people like you, being funny has benefits for your mind, body and well-being. It would allow you to go deeper into yourself as you explore parts of your mind and personality while becoming funnier at the same time. As a universal language, laughter actually has the power to break down even the thickest barriers between people and pave the way for lasting friendships. Laughter reduces stress and lowers anxiety levels.

If you know how to be funny, you would know how to make people like you. And if people like you and you’re generally nice, then you could get the most out of your life.

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