How to stay motivated when your boss is a "A fun prank": 5 You MUST have tools

Do you feel like you want to rewind your weekend when it’s Sunday night? Would you rather put hot forks to your eyeballs instead of getting up and going to work on Monday?

Well, it sounds like you may have a severe case of the “funny boss” syndrome. Just staying motivated to complete your daily tasks can be difficult, but when you have a boss who has a fun vacuum over his head every day, now is the time to improve, grab your motivational ninja stars and take on that boss!

So here’s the great news: staying motivated when your boss is a fun nerd doesn’t have to be THAT much of a challenge anymore. With the right tools and maybe a good stretch (you don’t want to stretch a muscle in case you’re forced to high kick, which we call plan B) you can feel motivated to command and conquer again!

We’re going to share with you 5 tools that we’ve used and had great success with in the past. The idea is to apply them daily. Make it a habit to ONLY focus on this for the next 30 days and maybe, just maybe your boss will turn off their fun vacuum cleaner.

So let’s start this off with a FANTASTIC quote:

“Everyone thinks to change the world, but no one thinks to change themselves.” – Leo Tolstoy

5 tools to stay motivated

  1. Read or listen to people who motivate you.

Now we all have certain people who just get us going. They make sense to raise the hair on our necks or give us goosebumps when they convey a certain message.

This is what you need, something like an injection of motivational adrenaline in the morning and just before bed. For optimal effectiveness, you should consume this information in 2 to 3 different ways. You should read it first. Now we don’t mean a novel, but at least 10 to 20 minutes a day.

Pick your favorite blog or better yet pick up a great book and read a chapter a day. Our proposals are:

• Brendon Burchard’s Motivation Manifesto

• 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change (25th Anniversary Edition) by Stephen Covey

• Achieve Anything in Just One Year: Daily Inspiration to Live Your Dreams and Achieve Your Goals Jason Harvey

These are just a few you can pick up on Amazon (damn cheap if you’re doing an ebook). The best part is that if you make an e-book, you can read it anywhere and you don’t have to worry about forgetting your book!

Then there is audio/video. Now this is up to you, but we go back and forth on this. We LOVE video because it really helps you feel more connected to the person delivering the message. What we like to do is listen to a podcast in the morning on the way to work. Then when you are at home in the evening you can watch the video. Our suggestions for podcasts and videos are:

Brandon Burchard

Tony Robbins

Joyce Meyer

Dave Ramsey

John C Maxwell

Simon Sinek

These podcasts and videos last anywhere from 5 or more minutes to about an hour. We usually just choose what we have time for. After a while, though, you’ll find time to watch and listen to those who make the biggest difference.

  1. Look for peers in similar roles.

The reason for this is to connect with others and see what motivates them and what doesn’t. The more we are connected to people who strive for better, the more we will strive for better.

So where do we find these peers? Work can be a great place to start. If you can get others around you to share what’s either broken with their motivation or what helps them, then everyone can grow.

Remember that at work that fun boss smoking probably affects many others, not just you. Here are some suggestions other than your workplace:

Facebook groups

LinkedIn groups

Online forums (search for forums in your industry on Google)

Use them to start. Once you get your toes wet, the world of connecting with others opens up pretty quickly. Connect with these groups AT LEAST once a day. The purpose is to keep the wheel of motivation moving.

In the beginning, we do this by learning new tools, tips and techniques. We sustain it by helping others. So keep those relationships open and fresh!

  1. Read the Holy Scriptures, for people of faith.

We LOVE reading Scripture and applying it to our daily lives. Our faith is what guides us every day. So we are happy to share this because of the huge impact it has on us every day.

As stated under number one, you can consume it in 2 to 3 different ways. To find the scriptures there are MANY different websites that divide them by topic or you can just grab your Bible. (Digital ones are also available!)

What we’re going to do is list a few verses that DIRECTLY relate to this topic and the songs/videos that go with them.

There is a Christian radio station called KLOVE. They have something they call the “30 Day Challenge”. They say if you listen to Christian music for 30 days, your attitude, perspective and overall motivation will improve dramatically.

K LOVE radio station

Colossians 3:23 – “Whatever you do, work gladly, as working for the Lord and not for men.” Here is the video of the related song: Stephen Curtis Chapman-Do everything. (Search on YouTube)

Ephesians 6:7 – “With good will serve ye as the Lord, and not as men,” Here is a video of the related song: Unspoken-Light the Fire.

So apply this 30-day challenge as part of mastering motivation to help you achieve your goal!

  1. Become focused

Becoming focused is an overused and widely misunderstood term. This is something most people associate with relaxation. Relaxation is just a side effect of focus. When you try to focus, what you are really trying to do is connect with your inner self and the thoughts you choose. When you choose the right thoughts and focus ALL of your attention on those thoughts, it gives you an extremely high level of clarity.

I read something that Tony Robbins once wrote about why people overeat or why people are alcoholics. He said people use these “vehicles” as a mode of transportation to escape a crazy, chaotic day. We have all experienced this unbearable level of stress, and frankly most of us experience it on a daily basis. He says that getting away actually helps us relax. With alcohol it is a chemical effect. With overeating, all the blood rushes to our stomach which causes us to relax.

So instead of growing taller and taller or drinking yourself to death, you re-center yourself. Concentrate on what makes you happy and what your purpose is. (we’ll get to your “purpose” in the next point) When you are relaxed and focused you become more focused on your purpose. When you are focused on your purpose, you have better clarity about your goals.

See how this all ties together? It’s like playing dominoes with your thoughts to become more positive. One will eventually lead to the next and so on.

When your focus is on your goals, the fun boss of naivety is nowhere to be found on your pages, there is only your purpose. Finally, our goals and our purpose are motivated.

Becoming focused can be done in MANY different ways, but here are a few to choose from to get you started.

Now you just need to start with about 5 to 10 minutes of this a day and eventually you should increase to about 20 minutes a day to get the full effect.

Listen to relaxing music, no words: Pandora has a station called “Calm Meditation Radio” (I’m actually listening to it right now as I write..hey, it helps me focus!) Brendon Burchard has a great meditation video as well.

Prayer: This is something I do while focusing on my thoughts. It helps me connect with my creator and brings me closer to my purpose. Here is an excerpt from the World Christian Meditation Community website about meditation:

“Sit down. Sit still with a straight back. Close your eyes slightly. Then inside, silently begin to recite one word – a prayer word. We recommend the ancient Christian prayer word “Maranatha”. Say it as four equal syllables. Breathe normally and pay full attention to the word as it you say, quietly, gently, faithfully and above all – simply.”

Sit/lie still with your eyes closed. You can use this extremely simple method anywhere! Go to a quiet place and make yourself as comfortable as possible. You can go in your car on your lunch break or you can go to a room that is empty in your office. The idea is to go somewhere where you can have peace and quiet for at least 5 minutes.

  1. Make a list of your purpose.

Simon Sinek wrote a fantastic book called “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”.

Starting with why means finding your purpose and connecting with it. The best way to do this is NOT to ask what you are doing, but why you are doing it. This can be extremely powerful in achieving and maintaining ultimate motivation.

As humans we are never motivated to do something because we are told to do so. We are motivated to do something because we FEEL it. Have you ever said to yourself, “I’m doing this because I have a gut feeling about it, it just feels right.”? This is because all feelings compel us to do something. We need to connect with these feelings to stay motivated.

So, state your purpose. Remind yourself of your whys. Don’t fool yourself by saying that your purpose is money. Money is a side effect of achieving your greater purpose. We all need money, but it is NEVER the purpose or reason why it helps keep us motivated.

Here are some examples:

I have to be successful

I have to provide a better life for my family

I have to help my team achieve THEIR goals

I have to help my team love their work

I need to help my team grow into great leaders

These are just some simple but powerful examples.

Notice how we used the word “need”? That’s a powerful word. If we used the word “want,” it lacks the strength to complete it. Desire is like a New Year’s resolution that more than 85% of people fail to achieve by January 15th, it lacks the power of commitment.

We always do what we need first, and then if we have time and energy we get to what we want. So remember your purpose and make a strong list of your NEEDS so you have a good reason to be and stay motivated.

To summarize… the 5 tools you will use in the next 30 days are:

1. Read or listen to people who motivate you.

2. Look for peers in similar roles.

3. Read the Holy Scriptures, for people of faith.

4. Become focused on yourself and your thoughts.

5. Make a list of your purpose. (your “why”)

With these tools equipped and maybe a little stretch for that high kick (safety first), you can stay motivated even when your boss is a funny jerk.

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