What Is a Libra Like in a Relationship?

* The Temperament of a Libra

While they don’t usually trust their own instincts, most Libras have an amazing sense of intuition. Because of this, many Libras tend to work under their ability level because they are so mellow and easy-going. While they aren’t exactly known for being lazy, Libras just tend to take whatever they get dealt with and deal with it. Libras are very accepting of their situations and don’t really fight to get anything different. Despite their “live and let live” attitude, Libras will generally only stand up and fight about something if they feel that the situation that they are in or that they are observing isn’t fair. Libras are really very big about issues surrounding fairness and have a lot of respect for others who also hold fairness in high regard. Libras are at their strongest when they are fighting for what they believe is right.

* How to Behave When Dating a Female Libra

One thing to be aware of is that the very charming and alluring female Libra is also a master of seduction. Libras are very affected by the environment that they are in, so make a good impression and take your Libra out to dinner at a high-class restaurant and then out for a walk in an elegant garden to set the mood and fill her senses with beauty. Your efforts will make the Libra feel very comfortable. Libras live to be noticed and to receive compliments and appreciation. She may act as those she’s embarrassed or shy, but you will see her begin to beam with each new compliment you give her. Libras are what is known as “lazy in love,” meaning that once your Libra feels that she has fallen in love and that she is in a stable relationship, she will stop seducing you not out of disinterest, but out of laziness. The saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” was probably written about a Libra, as a few days apart will re-charge her romantic interest. However, if you continue to woo your Libra you’ll hold her attention. Libras love to be showered with romance – everything from flowers to little love notes from your heart or anything that will make her feel special and appreciated, as this is something that really means a lot to the female Libra.

* How to Behave When Dating a Male Libra

Libra men are equally as charming as Libra women and tend to be very popular with the ladies because they have an uncanny ability to perceive things through the point of view of another, allowing them to relate with others on a very understanding level. This is the most successful seduction trick that Libra men use on women. Unfortunately, Libras enjoy perfection, so the Libra male tends to always be trying to find that ideal mate. The best thing a woman could do to catch his attention is to show her appreciation of him and be in awe of his talents and skills. Libra men love to be flattered, adored and admired – especially by women. A Libra man should never be pressured, particularly if he has having a hard time making a decision, as he doesn’t respond well to nagging. If he is unable to make a decision just make it for him – most Libra men like women that take control and they will gladly follow along.

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