5 Self-Improvement Tips for Personal Power, Peak Performance, and Prosperity

I believe that, ultimately, we all want peace and fulfillment more than anything else.
Of course, there are other things we want. And the truth is that we must accomplish some of these other things if we are to achieve deep and lasting peace.
Of course, fulfillment itself comes primarily, if not exclusively, from actualizing our other needs, such as the need for growth, contribution, stimulation, and importance.
All of these things mean that we have to master our way of thinking – our beliefs, habitual thoughts and expectations. We must be dedicated to personal development. Only if we develop personally, our life will develop materially.
Here are five tips for creating greater peace, motivation and mastery of your mindset.
1. Accept only compassion and positive self-talk.
This is difficult. Most of us engage in self-flagellation, to one degree or another. This stems from our belief system; our way of thinking.
Make it an active and regular practice to seek out and praise your skills, virtues, and victories.
Habitually recognize, praise and congratulate yourself, as you would a child you love.
Seriously. Make it a conscious, active and habitual practice. You will be amazed at how this practice alone will greatly change your usual way of thinking, feeling and emotion. Increasing your state of being, motivation, joy and fulfillment.
At the end of each day, make a list of three to five things you did well. Also add one thing you will do better next time. Always keep a ratio of at least 3 to 1 to the positive.
2. Never compare yourself to others.
We all have our own path, our own brain, mind and personality. Another’s journey has no bearing on our validity, ability, or journey—except in the empowering lessons we can take from their lives.
Learn from others, but never compare yourself to others.
Use the lessons of others for personal growth and success. But never compare yourself to others.
Believe in yourself. Be aware of and grateful for your strengths, while being determined to constantly grow and improve.
3. Accept, even celebrate, that life will absolutely have disappointments and hurts. They are fuel for self-improvement.
We all want to grow. To figure things out. And important. We all want to create and experience personal success.
Success equals change. Positive change. Growth.
If WE do not grow and develop, our lives cannot grow and develop.
When do we grow the most? Heck, for most of us, most of the time, when do we even grow?
When we experience obstacles, disappointments and pain. When we encounter failures, which fuel the motivation and determination to change and make things better. And only when we change for the better, our results change for the better.
Hack your mind to enjoy obstacles, disappointments and, yes, even pain. Know that they are not permanent. Nor are they indicative of any deficiency on your part. See and feel them and beautiful opportunities that you can take advantage of and accelerate your personal development. They bring us closer to being the person and success we are destined for.
4. There is no failure, except in failure to begin or failure to continue.
I passionately believe this to be true. Regardless of our results, we only fail if we don’t try or give up.
Stay true to your ultimate purpose, mission, and vision, and adjust your strategies and tactics as wisdom dictates.
A change in direction is not necessarily a failure or negative. Don’t give up on your dream, but stay true to your soul. If you are truly destined for a different path than the current one you set yourself on, accept it and passionately set out on a new path.
Be generous, loving, kind and compassionate to yourself. Have and hold yourself to high standards, but with compassion and optimism that you will capitalize on and overcome in all circumstances. Treat yourself with love, patience and compassion as a wise altruistic elder would treat the beautiful soul of a child.
5. Love yourself. Believe that you are perfect. But that you will be more and more perfect every day and that the journey is never over.
Keep this image of yourself. Constantly love, support, praise and joke as you would the child or friend you love the most or as you would be loved and supported by a loving, more experienced and wiser person who would love you.
But also maintain a burning thirst for personal development and success. We are all in progress. Perfect as we are today, but driven to an even higher level of perfection today and tomorrow.
There he is. Five common practices that will help you achieve all that you seek: love, peace, well-being, growth, stimulation and, possibly, anything else your soul desires.

Cheers friends.

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