When will that EVER happen?

There’s something you want. Maybe you’ve wanted it for a long time. You want it REALLY bad. But it STILL hasn’t appeared and you’re wondering, “Will that EVER happen?!?!”

Author Paris Johnson went through exactly this. She felt anxious, discouraged and frustrated. She felt stuck. After working so long and hard towards his goal of becoming a recognized expert in his field, nothing seemed to manifest. WHY?

Here’s the thing. When we feel stuck, it’s never that the situation which is stuck. It’s ours energy it stuck. While we invest part of our energy in manifesting what we want, another part of our energy contradicts the vibrations of what we want. We cannot manifest from this place because we vibrationally do not match our desire.

That was Paris’s frustration. She wanted to change something. She wanted to reach people who needed her influence. But that’s just it. it is not. Occurs.

The universe is impersonal. It only reacts to our vibration – wherever you direct your energy. If part of us is focused on what we want, and another part is focused on what we don’t want or on what we lack, we cannot manifest what we REALLY want. It’s like a tug of war, with opposing energies pulling at both ends. Our vibration contradicts itself and nothing can move forward. What we want remains in the unmanifest world of desire.

So what did Paris do? The secret was to focus on raising the frequency of her vibration. The higher her vibration, the more powerfully she could manifest her dreams and desires. You can do the same!

We often wonder “When will that EVER happen?” But our manifestations don’t usually happen on a linear timeline. They usually happen when we align with a higher vibration that allows our manifestation to come to us.

Behind the Scenes: When you feel stuck, it’s not the situation that’s stuck… it’s your energy that’s stuck, from triggering negative emotions that can stem from past hurts and traumas.

In other words, it is not the pain of the situation; it is the pain of being disconnected from the natural positive energy of who you really are… a creative vibrational being that can use positive energies to create what you want and bring it into the physical. Part of this process is to invite your manifestations to materialize and not get stuck in the negative vibrations that block them.

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