7 self-help tips to improve your mental health

“How are you feeling?”

Many people will answer, “I’m fine.” But inside they really feel confused, disappointed or frustrated.

Many of these feelings arise from holding on to outdated concepts from previous experiences that cause us to behave in ways that do not validate our lives. Practicing the daily key words below can help you enjoy the benefits of balanced mental health.


Inspiration: Feed your creativity. Immerse yourself in gardening, painting, crafts or drawing and enjoy the creativity that you possess.

The result: Devoting time to activities purely for pleasure strengthens your sense of worth and relieves stress.


Perception: Consciously listening to your thoughts. Visually challenge thoughts that are counterproductive by writing them down. Choose your words carefully to convey information clearly. Talk to everyone politely, but honestly.

Result: Honest communication starts with you. By getting negative thoughts out of your mind and onto paper, you will be able to get rid of them.


Exultation: Experience the vitality of life. Give your body freedom of movement in dance, games like Twister or sports. Learn a new physical skill such as CPR or self-defense. Organize a paint party with your friends.

The result: Group activities are one of the best ways to revitalize yourself and others. Removing movement restrictions on your body also helps to resolve emotional and mental obstacles.


Mediation: Take a neutral stance. Volunteer and befriend a person who needs to be heard. Practice compassion and accepting the feelings of others. Detach your perspective and simply focus on the facts of the situation without judgment.

Result: By letting go of the need to be “right” and accepting things as they are, you send your psyche a signal of acceptance, which helps you achieve better mental balance.


Extension: Enhancing the big picture. Take your project to the next level. Transfer your skills by teaching them to a young person. Help a friend move into a new home or study a new subject to improve your skills.

Result: Active participation in making changes shows us the positive side of transformation, strengthening our mental and emotional balance for cases of the unexpected.


Enrichment: Counting Your Blessings. Write a list of everything you are grateful to have in your life. Help an elderly person you know. Contribute books, music or other media to your local library or school.

Result: Sharing with others strengthens your sense of security and confidence in life’s unlimited abundance. This helps relieve anxiety and frustration.


Determination: persistence and completion. Call and solve the problem that is in doubt. Keep the promise you made to your friend a few months ago. Clean out the garage or attic. Sit down with the person you’re disagreeing with and clear the air.

Result: Living your personal truth is a cornerstone of good mental health and takes courage. When you commit and follow through, you show loyalty to your character.

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