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According to most people, stock trading is a mysterious activity of people sitting in front of a computer with headphones all the time, talking or texting their clients. The whole process of stock trading seems like an exhausting activity to most people. But it is not quite so.

The people we associate with images of the stock market are not ordinary investors or buyers of shares, they are stockbrokers who naturally have to be armed to serve dozens, perhaps hundreds, of clients who have bought shares through them. Stock brokers not only help people in choosing and buying stocks, but they are also required to monitor the price changes of that particular item. Their duty is to inform the client about the need to sell shares or the advisability of buying certain shares.

The stock buyer himself can remain relatively calm and relaxed because the stock broker does all the dirty work for him. It is enough for him to know how the stock market works and what determinants can affect the price of shares. A good understanding of these considerations is necessary to protect yourself from fraud and to be able to evaluate the capabilities of your stockbroker. Remember that not everyone who claims to be a stockbroker is licensed to do so

There are good sites on the Internet, esp Investapedia where you can get a step-by-step guide that covers the definition of the stock market, what the different types of stocks are, how transactions are made, and what variables affect stock prices among other topics.

After reading the topics, you have the opportunity to test your understanding by taking a ranked exam. If you get unsatisfactory grades, you can reread the textbook and take the test again.

But what makes Investopedia a really exciting website to learn and master all about stock trading is their trading game. After the visitor gets good ratings in the exams, he has the option to go to the stock trading page called stock simulator.

The user receives $100,000 worth of virtual money, which he planned to use to buy stocks on the virtual market. Moreover, in the game itself, you can interact with other players and exchange information about promotions. The simulation of market changes is mainly based on real-time market situations,

So, if you want to get into stock trading but want to do a trial run first, you should go to Investopedia’s tutorial site and learn the basics of the business. Then you might consider getting involved in investing virtual money in stocks. This will be a great workshop where you can put the theory you’ve learned into practice. Without having to risk your real money, you can get the training you need to really get started in the world of stock investing.

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