Best Penny Stocks Newsletter Review

Best Penny Alerts is a stock newsletter that is unique in that it focuses only on penny stocks. This means that the stock tips are potentially much more explosive, and given that this is one of the few newsletters focused ONLY on these stocks, this has become very interesting for me. This is my review of the best penny stock newsletter, Best Penny Alerts.

The first thing to understand is how the penny stock newsletter creates the stock selections it sends to its list. It relies on a method known as stock performance benchmarking, which works by taking the entire market into account, noting breakout trends in individual stocks and specifically the market factors that triggered that trend, which is the same process, which is used by professional traders. They rely on this technology as much as novice traders rely on the price action newsletter because it is the most reliable way to safely predict market behavior.

The fact that it only targets penny stocks is a huge bonus because the program’s picks are worth much more as a result. For example, the first pick I got from the newsletter was initially priced at 20 cents a share. At this price, it’s easy to scoop up hundreds of shares at once at a low price, which I did by buying 1,000 shares at $200. This selection was made before the market opened on Monday morning, so I placed my order and went about my work day, checking it only when I had time.

Shares closed the day at 41 cents, up 105% in that time. I continued to invest in the stock the next day as it finally reached 63 cents before dropping for the first time since I bought my shares. Being my first choice, I forced myself to get out while I was ahead and enjoyed a value increase of over 300%.

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