Find out what’s holding you back

When you have any kind of challenge, be it personal, professional, etc. There is a quick and free way to quickly jump on what’s going on; understand why you do things, or want things, or need things. This means asking yourself gradually penetrating questions. The most important condition for this technique to work is the ability to be honest with yourself. What is revealed might surprise you.

Here’s how it goes:

1) Recognize what you are struggling with.

2) Ask yourself why you do/want/need this.

3) Answer honestly.

4) Do steps 2 and 3 a total of 7 times, going deeper each time.

For example, for me it might be something like:

1) Why do I want or feel the need or desire to increase my income?

My first answer would be: I need to have more (disposable) income to be able to continue advertising my brand.

Then the second question would be:

2) Why should you continue to market your brand (ie “Fantastic Frank”)?

My answer would be: That’s how I define myself.

Then the third question would be:

3) Why is this important to you?

To this I would answer: My mission is “The purpose of my life is to be a man who can both give and receive love NOW!!!”

Then the fourth question would be

4) Why do you need or demand love now?

My answer would be: I’m alone, the Ying is missing from my Yang.

Then the fifth question would be:

5) Why do you feel lonely when you have so many people who help you, assist you, employ you?

My answer would be: Because I don’t have a girlfriend or a wife.

The sixth question is:

6) What happens when you focus on giving love instead of receiving it?

To this I would say: When I love others, I feel fulfilled and happy and forget to be alone.

7) What prevents you from loving others?

Finally: I am not full of love for others, nor can I feel their love for me, when I am too focused on myself.

Those seven questions led me to what is behind everything in my life. What started out as a question about money came back as an answer about love. My desire to increase my income is connected to my desire to give and receive love. Whenever I give of myself in love, I don’t worry about why my income isn’t growing. I know that when I give something that I value (love) the most, it will come back to me in many related ways, not just money.

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