Les Brown’s advice on how to keep a positive attitude

I recently reviewed a DVD by the world famous Les Brown in the Success University Personal Development Membership Package that was provided to me.

Les Brown quoted Horace Mann, ‘We should be ashamed of death until we have made some contribution to humanity.’

That hit me like a hammer on a nail.

As I watched Les Brown speak, thoughts of life and death flew through my head … no, I’m not talking about religion or our spiritual lives. But suddenly I realized that life is really unpredictable, don’t you think so? There are so many things we have no control over such as:

  • when we are born

  • where we were born

  • to whom we were born

  • when we will die

  • where we will die

The real challenge for me is that none of us know how much time we have on this planet to achieve our dreams and goals, except for what Les Brown said most people are not willing to fight for their dreams!

Les also said that we need to detoxify our lives if we really want to succeed because people don’t achieve their goals because there are too many negative people in their lives. We must stay away from those who tear us down, criticize us, tell us about our limitations because studies have shown that if someone tells us ‘you can’t do it’, it takes sixteen people to tell us ‘you can do it’ neutralize the negative effect!

So we have to listen to the tapes about positive things over and over again to keep fighting for our dreams.

For example, if you start a weight loss program and stop, you will gain all the weight back and then some.

Another quote that Les mentioned that makes a lot of sense to me is this:

‘To do something you’ve never been, you have to be someone you’ve never been!’

As he concluded, Les Brown mentioned that information and content in the back office of Success University members can change our lives.

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