Self-improvement and stress

Modern man lives under the most incredible stress ever, and dealing with this constant enemy does not really help a healthy lifestyle, much less contribute to self-improvement. We’re all tired of being bombarded with all kinds of ideas and suggestions on how to get rid of stress, but there really isn’t a general rule for it, and there’s certainly no one way to do it.

First of all, we need to identify what it is that produces the most stress in our life. Is it work? Is it our relationship or the children’s behavior? Is it a financial situation? Do we feel frustrated because we have not been able to achieve our goals at this point in life?

In order to focus on self-improvement, we have to have the energy to do so, and stress really takes care of draining us, so we have to take care of the stress first in order to continue on our way.

Something that is also of utmost importance is our definition of what self-improvement means to us, since the concept does not mean the same to everyone. Are you considering self-improvement in something related to an educational degree or diploma? Can you define it as getting married and creating the family you’ve always dreamed of? Does it have to do with getting rich or owning your own business and being the boss? Does it, on the other hand, have anything to do with your spirituality?

As you can see, although the above are only a few examples. self-improvement must be clearly defined for you before you can attempt to achieve it. It has nothing to do with what others are doing with the concept. When you identify yours, it becomes easier to try to save the energy you need for it and therefore start fighting stress.

Are you the type of conventional person who follows what others are doing because “it’s right”? Does it make you feel good or does it leave you feeling empty? Not feeling free is the most stressful experience for a human being, so sit down and think about this. There are times when breaking free from these shackles and all the stress they entail is the first step on our path to self-improvement.

Going places you don’t want to go, doing things you don’t want to do, and trying so hard that sometimes you forget why you’re trying in the first place and living with the idea that you have to please everyone is a surefire way to sentence yourself to self-imprisonment.

Self-improvement is what you came to this planet for, but with happiness, not stress and suffering, so at this stage of your life, make it your goal to analyze and define what you want to do from it.

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