There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path

Go back and re-read the quote and it might seem quite confusing, right? It certainly was for me. So I decided to deal with that topic and try to find some meaning out of it. It all started with an absolutely inspirational motivational speaker, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. I’ve heard of him and seen him on TV, but I’ve never actually listened to his CDs or read any of his books. I went ahead and picked up one of his books and a couple of his CDs and started listening to them. After spending several hours reading his book every day before bed and listening to his CDs while I worked out. I realized I couldn’t go back to other personal development/motivational speakers I had listened to. Wayne Dyer was different.

We are our thoughts. Whatever we focus more on, we will create more. A simple example would be, before you bought a car, you actually formed the thought that you wanted a car and therefore you went ahead and bought a car. So the more you focus and think about all the scarcity in your life, like credit card debt and bad relationships, the more you will create. The thought you create is endless energy that goes on and on. Just think about this, your past is in the realm of thought, you can’t touch any of it, but you can certainly experience it through thought, and yet it is very real. It is the same with the future. You cannot touch tomorrow or achieve your goals. It’s all just your thoughts. So you are left with NOW. So look now and identify what is important to you and start with your children and all those you love and understand that the only way to experience them is through your thoughts.

With all that said, you can literally create anything with your thoughts. The conventional way of thinking is to “have” something and then “feel” something. If I have a lot of “money” then I will be “happy”. I suggest that you start thinking in a different way, which is to start “feeling” something before you “have” something. It will sound like this, I feel “lucky” so I have a lot of “money”. I am not suggesting that merely holding such a thought will make you rich or happy. What I am suggesting is that when you train your mind to think that way, you are actually training your brain to reprocess your thoughts and therefore change your reality. You create the belief that you have the power to manifest your reality and that it is not waiting for it to happen to you.

So start now and train your thoughts and manifest happiness in your life!

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