Just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future

Keep an open mind

What did you hope for that didn’t turn out as planned? Is it a goal, a dream, to be in a committed relationship or something similar? Why haven’t your plans come true yet? It is important that we consider all possibilities as there may be other reasons why things did not manifest as we would have liked. Sometimes the universe has a bigger plan for us, which I liken to a game of chess. Moves must be calculated in the same way that a grandmaster considers all possibilities from a single chess move.

So, just because something hasn’t happened to you, doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. In fact, it can happen better than you expect. You have to be convinced of that and believe that things will get better. For example, you can’t sit around and wait for a relationship to materialize out of thin air. You have to work on yourself, so when the right person comes along, you’re ready for it. Similarly, more self-examination may be required, such as healing past wounds or clarifying why you want to be in a relationship.

After years of writing, speaking and teaching about personal development, I firmly believe that we live in a supportive universe. As long as we are aligned with our highest selves and connected to love, peace and harmony, everything we want will come to us in due time. What do you think about this? You may disagree because experience has shown you otherwise, and that’s okay. It’s normal that you feel that way right now and I’m not trying to convince you of something that isn’t true for you. But I ask you: are you willing to change your beliefs or accept the possibility that what I am saying might be true?

I’ve seen it in my own life and in the hundreds of people I’ve coached over the years. I have no desire to invent these things, to get likes and shares. If you don’t like these words, no matter how often they are shared, they will be discarded. The proof lies in testing it to see if it works for you. It may work for some people and prove wrong for others. It’s a matter of testing new ideas and being open-minded. I do not claim to be an expert on the workings of the universe. My research and study on this topic shows that the universe works in mysterious ways, and without the knowledge of what we understand.

I have seen it in my life where unexpected events happened. Some were blessings and others were unpleasant surprises that pushed me to grow. But I’ve learned not to focus on the chaos, but to ride through the storm and wait for growth to emerge. In fact, when I face challenges, I welcome them because I know something wonderful is happening behind the scenes. I know that if the universe forces me to expand through pain and discomfort, there are beautiful lessons waiting for me.

Maintain a high bandwidth of positive emotions

So just because that wonderful relationship didn’t happen doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. You have to believe deeply that life can change unexpectedly. It happens every day; some people lose their jobs in one day. Others get married in a day. Wealth is lost and gained in a day. The universe is mysterious and we should embrace it, not fear it. The same entity that brings us challenges also offers us wonderful surprises and blessings. It is a matter of perception and the way we look at our experiences. Are you happy with these ideas so far? Are you beginning to see that just because your circumstances are the same, doesn’t mean they will follow the same path forever?

So how can you use this knowledge in the future? How can you get through those moments when nothing seems to be going right? It lies in your faith and patience. You have to trust the benevolent universe to bring you what you need because your desires are not separate from life. The fact that you have desire is born of the same intelligence that gave you life. I assume that your desire is not to hurt others or to go against the laws of nature. If so, our desires will manifest when we align with the greater plan for our lives. We don’t know what the plan is, but the indicator that we are on the right track is how we feel. Our emotions are our barometer, regardless of whether our desires are in accordance with universal laws or against the tide.

So if you’re feeling guilt, anger, disappointment, anxiety, or sadness, there’s a good chance your desire isn’t aligned with what’s right for you. However, if you feel joy, happiness, excitement, enthusiasm and passion, there is a good chance that your desire is in line with what is right for you. It’s a matter of consistently nurturing those emotions. Having wants and needs is not selfish, but it is important that we feel good about them. So, if the idea of ​​being in a loving and committed relationship makes you feel joy, love and peace, you are on the right track. It’s a matter of consistently staying in tune with those emotions.

That’s all you need to do. The key is to get out of your head and into your heart and maintain a high permeability of positive emotions, without sabotaging negative thoughts. But because we’re meaning-making machines, we can’t help overanalyzing when things don’t work. Suddenly, from feeling good, we become negative and wonder why our desires have not manifested. Knowing this, I invite you to write five things in your journal that you want to manifest. In the column next to your wishes, write what emotions arise when you think about their realization? Is it love, peace, joy, happiness, etc.? Focus on these emotions when thinking about your desires. If you start thinking about the reasons why this hasn’t happened yet, thank your thoughts and return your attention to your positive emotions. Remember, the key is to quiet your mind and let your emotions guide you. Because our past doesn’t have to dictate our future, it can be a wonderful springboard for living beyond our wildest dreams.

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