The power of imagery in memory training

It is often said that words interpreted with the help of pictures are never forgotten. Images have the power to make the things you see clearer and clearer. Have you ever wondered why you can’t forget pictures of your parents, children, friends and even your possessions? These images carry some unique and powerful features that enable you to remember almost everything about them; especially when you want to activate your imaginative power.

Images have the power to constantly inform you about the things you see and the things around you. Studies have also shown that people feel more comfortable working with data or information that has more images on it. It is also the power of imagery that triggers your memory to remember almost anything about information that you have been accessing for a long time; it directs and directs your memory towards the path you seek.

Another striking point about images is that they enable eidetic memory. Using the technique of practicing picture memory, eidetic memory can be easily acquired without much effort; this is possible because you are dealing with structures, forms and shapes that are usually very easy to remember, analyze or describe. Ask any child you know to describe their parents, and you’ll be surprised at the description they give you.

Images also play an important role in the lives of blind people. The power of the image explains why a blind person can walk around his apartment without hitting anything or colliding with structures or objects in the house. Structures, shapes and forms familiar to this person trigger their mind to cling to them when they are in motion. This also explains the reason why blind people usually scan their mind and memory to retrieve the images stored in the brain before they speak or make any movement. Now the question arises, if a blind person can cross this length, how much more can a sighted person? You should use your imaginative power to be able to track or spot things around you and at the same time develop a strong photographic memory.

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