Ascension or transcendence?

It cannot be denied that the situation in the world has become increasingly turbulent due to climate change, worsening global economic conditions and global militarization.

In the Spiritual Community, these extreme changes are attributed to a supernatural or celestial phenomenon called a “Paradigm Shift” or “The Shift”.

Many prominent scientists say we are facing the planet’s sixth mass extinction. There are differing opinions as to why we have reached this precarious “tipping point”.

Some popular accepted theories about the manifestation of the Shift include:

  • The radical changes we are experiencing are part of the Earth’s natural cycle of change

  • The change is the result of human abuse of the planet

  • The biblical event of Judgment Day is upon us

  • The entire solar system is “heating up”

  • The presence of a fake planet in our solar system called Nibiru

All of these theories are possible (one or two of them are most likely). It is also possible that the manifestation of the Shift is a multifactorial phenomenon of multicausal origin.

There is another widespread belief of spiritualists, survivalists, and conspiracists that is significant to the emergence of the Shift, and it is called the Matrix.

Some people say that the Shift is meant to help humanity escape the “Matrix”. For this reason, it’s possible that the outcome of The Shift is a blessing in disguise.

The mysterious Matrix is ​​usually described as a virtual or simulated holographic environment.

Humans are said to be slaves to the Matrix. The Matrix is ​​claimed (by matrix theorists) to be controlled by sinister extraterrestrial forces (sentient artificial intelligence or an advanced extraterrestrial species).

People in the Spiritual Community often mention a prophetic event related to the Shift known as ‘Ascension’.

Those who have gone through a “spiritual awakening” often conclude that our self-destructive path is the catalyst to help humanity emerge from the Dark Matrix (human pain and suffering).

Those in spiritual circles explain Ascension as an alchemical process meant to help people evolve to a higher level of existence. In other words, humanity is considered to be ascending from 3D reality (physicality) into a higher dimensional state.

If we accept the Matrix theory as a plausible explanation for the Shift, then we might consider a lesser-known theory for escaping the Matrix.

Maybe we shouldn’t think in terms of “exiting” the Matrix. Getting out of the Matrix could inadvertently put us back in the Matrix.

Some scientists and researchers theorize that we are caught in a Matrix time loop. This theory suggests that we are players or actors in a “movie”. Apocalypse (The End Game) would then be the last chapter in this matrix film. When the film ends, we would go back to the very beginning of the film roll and start again with the origin of humanity on this planet. If that’s true, then Ascension is part of the story we’re playing.

Humans spend an inordinate amount of time searching for signs of intelligent life in “space”. We point powerful telescopes at the dark skies and send expensive spacecraft to search for extraterrestrial life forms. Major religions also speak of the human spirit “ascending to heaven” and other places of bliss in the afterlife.

What if we are wrong? What if we are looking in the wrong direction? We may be looking in the wrong direction in terms of escaping the physical limitations of 3D reality.

Spiritual teachers have an old saying: “To get out, you have to go in”. To most people, these esoteric words would seem meaningful only to mystics and seekers of higher knowledge. However, the practical meaning of these enigmatic words is of great importance to the entire human race.

There is a lesser known theory about escaping the Matrix. It is called “Transcension”.

Several online dictionaries define transcendence as “the act of transcending, or surpassing, or the act of passing over something.”

Transcendence is essentially the act of transcending the Matrix. One must learn to move beyond the “Illusion of Reality”.

Ascension differs from transcendence in that the process of ascension allows for ascension to higher levels within the Matrix. The process of transcendence allows for complete ascension from the Matrix.

Those who teach the Art of Transcendence instruct the student to go deeper within himself to find a way out of the Matrix. Instead of trying to reach higher levels, we should want to dive into the deeper levels of the inner self.

There are many spiritual practices that can achieve this, including various forms of meditation.

The universe is not only expanding outward, but also inward. Physical realms (such as this) are rarer than “non-physical” systems. It is possible that non-physical beings would need to use physical bodies and vehicles to communicate with us on this level. We are actually out there… looking out… looking for extraterrestrial life forms, and we should be focusing our efforts on exploring “inner space”.

There is a little-known theory called the transcendence hypothesis. This theory, posited by John Smart of the Accelerating Studies Foundation, proposes that (spiritually or technologically) advanced civilizations have not spread into space. It is assumed that the reason we have not made full contact with other intelligent species is that they have learned to use quantum physics to condense reality.

Even now, scientists are learning to use quantum technology to compress vast amounts of information into tiny cells. With the advent of sophisticated virtual reality technology, it stands to reason that we could (eventually) use nanotechnology to create believable simulated environments. By doing this, we could escape the Matrix by creating our own Matrix. We could theoretically open dimensional portals to create worlds within worlds and disappear within them. Perhaps we could discover a method of projecting our consciousness into a “simulated” reality of our own choosing.

Many philosophers and scientists understand that life is an experience that occurs entirely within our minds (personal reality), that idea becomes a real possibility. It is very easy to see that our physical bodies are basically sensory suits that serve as a vehicle and interface with external (external) reality. Our five (known) senses gather information from our external environment and transmit the stimuli to the brain, which the mind interprets as our version of reality.

When we fully understand that our conception of time and space is a limited belief imposed upon us by the Dark Matrix, we will be able to access and apply the technologies available to beings residing in non-physical states of reality. One of the basic principles we must understand is that size is a subjective measure. The entire universe can easily fit inside the smallest particle.

The transcendence hypothesis is a fascinating concept that could lead the human race to an incredible “involution,” as opposed to just another step in the “evolution” of our species.

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