PART 1 – What you NEED to know about common alternative spiritual practices today

Have you ever noticed that so many spiritual practices these days are directing, guiding, storing, imagining and even forcing energy around you or while working with someone else?

Did you know that working with energy in this way has side effects that are not all good?

These days many common ‘alternative’ spiritual practices such as –

  • demonstration practices

  • visualization techniques

  • yoga

  • chakra healing and chakra clearing

  • alignment with symbols

  • rituals of protection against white light and grounding

  • Sexual Taoist practices

  • Pranayama and many other breathing techniques

Many of these practices are not ‘fire’ practices per se, but most of these practices are taught as what might be called ‘fire’ techniques.

This means that many of the above practices actively increase and accelerate the Yang force within our ‘mind-body spirit’, rather than functioning to maintain a balance between the two opposing but complementary Yin forces. and Yang.

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You only have to look at the world as a whole to see that the Earth itself [as a result of the human race], are in ‘self-destruct’ mode. The planet and our collective structural integrity are ‘in the red’ and this is, in part, because we are too dominant in the Fire element. Fire can be compared to Yang and his counterpart – equally [out] of balance is Yin – compared to the element of water.

Our collective inertia has allowed us to reach dangerous levels of global warming [climate change]we are overcrowded, horrific acts of genocide are occurring in many countries, and many countries around the world are in drought.

Many of us suffer from sleep deprivation, live with low to high levels of anxiety, take medication while living apart from our physical bodies. Western diets lead to many diseases such as obesity, burns, heart attacks, diabetes, candida, leaky gut. increased estrogen, hyperactivity, ADHD and allergies.

Most men and women are out of touch with their innate sexual essence – the masculine/yang and feminine/yin forces, children are often raised to have weak values, and many people’s attention spans are shortened to 8 seconds [less than a goldfish!] because their consciousness is online most of the day – via smart phones and other electronic devices. Needless to say, from a human perspective we are not in balance!

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