Self-improvement techniques for finding time for yourself

There is only so much time in each day. Here are five techniques to help you restructure things so that you have some time for yourself.

Technique 1. Give yourself permission

Surprisingly, many people find this very difficult. I can’t imagine how they can take some time for themselves with all this going on in their lives. This is where permission comes in. It is the belief that you have the right to make some changes in the way you live in order to take some time for yourself.

Technique 2. Start small

Ask yourself how much time you are willing to dedicate. Your key to success will be the honor you deserve to take this time. If you’re wobbly inside, you’ve probably set it up too long. Starting with a small increase makes it more likely that you will continue.

Technique 3. Put it on the calendar

This will be a good reminder that it is important. For example, you decided that you can set aside 15 minutes for yourself 5 days a week. Write down the time in days you will do this. Unless you make it very specific, it will be very easy to not take time for yourself because there are always so many other things that can distract you. Decide to follow this plan for a week.

Technique 4. Review after a week

Remember that nothing is written in concrete. When you take stock, you can determine if you were realistic about the amount of time and days you devoted to this self-improvement task. The goal is to set things up in such a way that you feel like you’re succeeding. You can make adjustments for the next week. You may have discovered that you would really prefer half an hour four times a week. Try it next week. It usually takes at least three weeks to change habits and develop a new rhythm.

Technique 5. Respect your progress.

When you’ve added “me time” to your life, give yourself credit for achieving it. Changing established patterns is difficult and initial small steps must be recognized and valued. After a while, you may want to increase the time you give yourself. You notice that it has become vital for you to use your time however you choose. This success will increase your sense of well-being and become a springboard for further self-improvement.

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