Meaning of Palmistry

Palmistry is the art and science of reading palms – interpreting the lines on a person’s palm to gain insight into their life, love and emotions, as well as their past, future and potential. Since the tradition of palm reading, also known as chiromancy, dates back through many millennia to several different cultural traditions, there … Read more

How Do You Bring Back the Passion and Attraction Which Was Once Present in Your Relationship?

If you wish to give your relationship a fresh start you must realize that successful, loving relationships only happen when the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately, it is common to see that rejected lovers fail to see this. They are confused and caught up with regards to the whole situation and are unable to take effective … Read more

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology is a scientific field that focuses exclusively on the positive aspects of people and life. It covers topics like well-being, happiness, engagement, meaning, positive relationships, optimism, and so on. The premise behind the movement is that for many decades, psychology as a field had been too focused on the so-called ‘disease model’, and … Read more

A Home-Centered Life

Home is a place of freedom and comfort. Yet so many adults flee the home in search of money, meaning and self-fulfillment. I see so many busy people around me; parents with good intentions schedule all kinds of activities for their children. I often wonder what they are racing after and suspect that all of … Read more