From abandonment in a dump in search of a loving home

Lila’s Second Chance: From Abandonment in a Landfill to Searching for a Loving Home

Meet Lila, an adorable puppy who was found on August 1, abandoned in a landfill in Almaty, Kazakhstan, with two broken hind legs. There she was, crying, helpless and alone until a kind-hearted lady heard her cry and came to her rescue. When Санета saw her video, she drove all night to pick her up and take her to safety.

Upon arrival, Lila was cleaned up and taken for X-rays and a blood test. Unfortunately, x-ray results revealed that she had broken bones… However, there was a silver lining as she had no head injuries, increasing her chances of survival. It is believed that someone threw her in the dump, because she was too well behaved to be a stray.

Lila was taken home by Санета where she slept soundly all night. In the morning she ate a little and as her health improved she became more active and playful. Her wounds began to heal and she gained two kilos.

After a final vet exam, it was time to focus on her mobility, but due to her broken bones, Lila still couldn’t stand on her own. So Санетa took Lila for underwater physiotherapy treatment which scared her at first but quickly became something she loved.

Over time Lila made progress and when her wheelchair arrived she was able to walk outside on her own. Now Lila is a bundle of energy always eager to play and cuddle. It’s amazing how far he has come from being abandoned in a landfill to finding a loving home with Санета who gave him a second chance in life.

Watch the video below for the full story!

Credit: Howlofpet via YOUTUBE

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