Japanese artist brings the weird side of the internet to life by turning animal memes into sculptures

When it comes to turning memes into hilarious sculptures, no one does it better than hugely popular Japanese artist and sculpture enthusiast Meetissai. He finds the weirdest and funniest animals the internet has turned into memes and essentially recreates them in real life by turning them into hilarious sculptures.

Meetissai already has 219,200 subscribers and it is quite international since its fanbase is made up of people from all over the world. No one has been able to bring the weird side of the internet to life like they have. Scroll down and check out his hilarious and amazing work, it’s basically art at its finest.

1. Cow-cat

via: meetissai

2. Demonic Cat

3. Whatever this abomination

4. Laughing Puppy

5. Long Boi

6. Sun kissed kitty

7. Thiccc ginger kitty

8. Too fast for the cameras

9. Stuck Forever

10. Evolved Cat

11. Cute Little Owl

12. Minimalist Cat

13. Two thumbs-up cats

14. Cat Parkour

15. Tornado Cat

16. The happiest boy/girl in the world

17. “I tried to make a round ball duck.”

18. Ripped Dolphin

19. The sleepiest cat ever

20. Cat glitch

21. Octopus

22. Howling Black Hole

23. Very Rare Cat Thing

24. Long neck dog

25. Melt Together

26. Buff Doggo

27. Just a cat in its natural habitat

28. Dramatic Squirrel

29. Long Good Boi

30. Cinematic Squirrel

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