The formation of your personality and self-improvement – how external sources affect them

Do you buy a certain type of toothbrush and not another? Do you realize that you were influenced by one of the factors that determined your type? Or it was an advertisement that appealed to your intellectual capacity or your personality. Of course, you will change your toothbrush next time. What actually prompted your personality … Read more

Personal growth and development systems: 7 personal growth strategies

The following personal growth and development systems are key ways people have accelerated their own personal growth, increasing their inner happiness, self-confidence, and more. 1. Yoga Yoga is a method of focusing the mind and strengthening the body. And many people claim that it has led to their personal growth. Yoga allows overcoming challenges, slow … Read more

How to choose a trainer – 4 steps to choosing the right trainer for you

Many people are learning about the tremendous benefits of coaching. Unlike therapy, coaching focuses on looking to the future and achieving goals, and on asking “how” instead of examining the past and looking at “why?” Coaching also differs from counseling in that the wisdom for moving forward is unlocked from within the client, rather than … Read more

Mentoring at the level of high school education – the basis for the holistic development of human capital

The first difficult transition that every schoolchild makes is the transition to high school. They come of age, begin to express themselves in different ways, leave home, transfer to schools outside their birthplace (village and municipality), begin to travel long distances, begin to feel the “beauty” of independence from home control, etc. Parents begin to … Read more

How to always feel happy by setting some simple personal development goals

Consider releasing some ideas as self-improvement goals and goals for a better life and all the success and happiness you deserve. The act of being happy by simply choosing happiness and deciding to become a much better individual is a big step towards the satisfaction of your life. Everyone knows that there are ways to … Read more

My Philosophy for a Successful Life by Jim Rohn – Book Review

Title and author: My philosophy for a successful life by Jim Rohn Content synopsis: This is a compilation of highlights from Jim Rohn’s books and speeches spanning several decades. It was compiled and published by Vic Johnson who also wrote the Forward. Johnson was a student of his work and became an accomplished author, speaker … Read more

The difference between a person with a vision and a visionary person

The Encarta dictionary defines vision as the ability to predict possible future events and developments, while visionary defines vision as the ability that produces, arises from, or originates in the imagination. dr. John Maxwell, my favorite and adored author of leadership and self-improvement books, whose works have deeply touched my soul and changed my life … Read more