Self-help books for women – a great way to improve yourself

Whether it’s boosting self-esteem, building confidence, losing weight or raising children, bookshelves are teeming with self-help books for women. It is in women’s nature to nurture, seek self-improvement and improve the lives of those they love. Therefore, a large number of books on a wide range of personal development topics are aimed at the fairer … Read more

Self-improvement – techniques to motivate yourself to stay on track

Self-improvement can be difficult. Maybe from early childhood we learned to just “let go” or “not make waves” and let things come to themselves. Unfortunately, that’s not the best path to self-improvement. Sometimes self-improvement techniques can take longer than we would like and it can be easy to get discouraged. This article will provide some … Read more

A positive thinking motivational technique for self-improvement in your business and personal life

Positive thinking gives you the ability to see the possibilities in any situation. By using this one simple motivational technique, you can make steady progress and reap the benefits that others miss. You will be able to stop other people and influences beyond your control from bringing you down. Use this technique and you will … Read more

Cross – base of self-improvement "Cross," Amarillo Outreach Ministry for the Homeless, set on fire

“The Cross” is a self-improvement base located in Amarillo, Texas. It is an Outreach Ministry for veterans, the homeless without money, and unemployed; all those who want to find a job. It serves the community and the environment, where citizens looking for helpers can readily punish workers. Amarillo Globe “Police Briefs” headlines: “Police suspect arson … Read more

Is Holosync Just Another Self-Improvement Scam?

The self-improvement and personal development industry is getting stronger (and more profitable) every year. Why is this? To answer that question, I’ll compare it to the food industry, which is also growing in a similar way every year. The nutrition industry is growing in strength, customers and profits every year just like the personal development … Read more

Self-improvement – it’s all about you

Having methods, skills, abilities or natural talents, dreams, aspirations and desires gives only one thing. Everything revolves around you. No one else, only you, consciously or unconsciously takes ownership of what you feel, think and do. Self-improvement has nothing to do with others. You are simply proactive, reactive or neutral in three activity frames at … Read more