Two kittens found inside a large zip-loc bag, dumped in a bin, yesterday and today!

Here is the touching story of Buttercup and Westley!

#1 Lost and Found

Last summer, two newborn kittens were found abandoned in a trash bag thrown into a trash can.

#2 They named them Buttercup and Westley

“I picked them up that day and they are now part of our family. They are wonderful,” said Cathy McCaughan.

#3 Teamwork

Cathy writes: “One of my mum’s co-workers heard noises coming from a kitchen trash bag and searching through the squeaky trash bag found two newborn kittens in a sealed Ziploc bag.

“The driver reported his discovery and my mother told him to bring the kittens to the office while calling me for help with the kittens.”

#4 They were so small!

“Their wet fur made them look like newly hatched chickens. I stopped the car to check them four times between the Oak Ridge garbage office and my West Knoxville vet. I truly believe they could have easily fallen asleep and never woken up. They were so small and weak.

#5 The odds were stacked against them

“The vet was far from optimistic. I took the kittens home and watched them. I stared at them when I gave them formula with a syringe because they were too weak to nurse. I watched them while they slept.

#6 24-hour care

“At night, I would put the cat cage with the mouse-sized kittens and the sock-lined hot water bottles on my bed. It was as close to co-sleeping as it gets.

#7 Constant attention

” I did not sleep. The first three days, I fed them, wiped their bottoms with wet cotton balls, obsessed with their body temperature, and watched them. At night, I did something else. I cried.”

“The kittens switched to bottles and started to look like kittens. Kittens that fit in the palm of your hand.

“The stronger the kittens got, the less anxious I got. I started calling the kittens by name, like he was suddenly sure I was emotionally invested in them. It was silly. I couldn’t be more emotionally attached. I love these furballs. I love them for fighting so hard when the odds were against them.

“I like it when my old German Shepherd lets the kittens run around for about ten minutes before bringing them back to a person, as if to say, ‘Playtime is over. It’s nap time. Yes, she wants say ITS nap, but it’s still a wonderful thing to watch.

“I love the way they crawl up to my face to give me kisses. I love the way my kids take care of the kittens. I love the little noises the kittens’ paws make when we put them down. on the floor for exercise.

They were so small and helpless when they arrived in their new home, but look at them now!

#9 Watch them now!

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