Wet Kitten’s Co̴llapsed Bo̴dy Labo̴red To̴ Breathe As Rain Continued To̴ Fall

Any animal in distress breaks our hearts. While we mostly do stories about dogs, every animal is special, writes ilo̴vemydo̴gso̴much

In many homes, cats and dogs coexist beautifully. So̴me are even best friends. This story is about a unique kitten who really inspired us. The kitten, later named Ho̴rrera, was found barely alive. In fact, the family who discovered the kitten thought it didn’t survive. But they still phoned Animal Aid in case the rescue group could help.

Fortunately, Ho̴rrera held on, but barely. Her little body was drenched after a storm had passed. She was lying in a cement bowl, barely breathing. When the rescuers arrived, they had a petty cash box ready. They knew that once they got her back, they had to get her to their clinic as fast as possible.

The rescuer bent down and picked up his limp body. He was afraid for his life, fearing that she wouldn’t make it. She was so small and so fragile. He inspected her body and was relieved to find that she was unharmed. We didn’t know what had happened. Maybe she fell or was hypothermic from the storm. If she was hypothermic, then her organs were shutting down and they had to hurry!

They arrived at the rescue center. The kitten was having trouble breathing. His breaths were short and rapid. His body was limp. No one had high hopes but something has changed! Ho̴rrera was taken to the examination table and the vet immediately administered pain medication. Within minutes, his ears perked up a bit. It was a great sign.

Ho̴rrera was then placed on the ground to see if she could walk. She didn’t want to carry any weight but then a miracle happened! She started walking around and observing her surroundings. That was another great sign! She still wasn’t ready to stand but at least her eyes were fully open. They now had hope.

The kitten was so stressed after that that he lay down on the table panting. Everyone was so worried about Ho̴rrera. It was time to put the kitten back in its niche and let it rest. According to the video below, Ho̴rrera slipped into the corner, with what little energy she had, and wanted to “hide”. Turn their backs on him as it concerned the volunteers, but they would not abandon Ho̴rrera. NEVER!

Although Ho̴rrera’s recovery took too long, things started to look up. When she started eating tiny bites of food, her new human friends almost burst into tears. Her little body needed nutrients so badly. Eating was a big deal. Not only did she feel a little better, but she had the will to live!

What comes next is so amazing that we implore you to watch the video for yourself. Even if you don’t consider yourself a cat lover, this story may just turn you into another. This little angel has the spirit of a warrior! We applaud Animal Aid and all they continue to do for the community.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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